Daily & Weekly Specials

DAILY SPECIALS - $7.99. Served all day until 8.30pm. Comes with choice of two vegetables, toast and gravy.

      Chicken Fried Steak (5 oz)

      Grilled or Fried Chicken Breast (6oz)

      Chicken Tenders (3)

      Fried Catfish

      Steak Fingers (2)

      Grilled or Fried Pork Chop

      Grilled Hamburger Steak

Vegetable Choices - Single orders or additions are $2.09 per serving.

      Macaroni                                Black Eyed Peas

      French Fries                           Onion Rings

      Corn                                        Pinto Beans

      Coleslaw                                 Fried Okra

      Green Beans                          Turnip Greens

      Mashed Potatoes                   Tater Tots

      Potato Salad                          Spicy Fries

      Fried Jalapenos                     Dinner Salad

Extras - $0.75 for each addition.



      Salad Dressing


WEEK NIGHT SPECIALS - Starts at 5pm. Comes with choice of two vegetables, toast, and gravy.

Monday - Chicken Fried Steak - LG  $8.99 & SM  $7.29.

Tuesday - $1.00 off all Burgers. Southwest Chicken Breast - 1 brst $7.29 & 2 brst $8.99

Wednesday - Two Fried or Grilled Pork Chops $8.99. Hamburger Steak w/grilled onions $8.59

Thursday - Steak Fingers (3) $8.99. Chicken Tenders (4) $7.29.

Friday - All You Can Eat Catfish $11.29 (dine in only).

Saturday - Ribeye Steak 12 oz $13.99. Steak for Two $26.99.